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Hindu Students Council

North America’s Largest Organization for Hindu Youth


HSC is a diverse community of students and young professionals with over 60 chapters across many universities and high schools.

We provide fun and enriching opportunities to foster well-being and cultivate personal growth and empowerment based on values rooted in Hindu culture.

Over 200,000 students of diverse Hindu and non-Hindu backgrounds have participated in HSC activities and events since our inception in 1990.

Hindu Youth Leadership Summit

September 15-17, 2023

Hindu Youth Leadership Summit is a weekend full of fun and learning in the company of fellow students and recent alumn, in a beautiful setting.

Student leaders from all over North America get together to learn about our great heritage and culture, learn invaluable leadership skills, meet link-minded individuals, learn how to lead a student organization, play team building games, engage in stimulating discussions, enjoy yoga & meditation sessions and much more. The evenings are filled with singing, dancing, games, and opportunities to share memories and create new ones.

Location: Hotel Executive Suites, 30 Minue Street, Carteret, NJ 07008

What We Do:

Hindu Students Council has been providing a safe space for Hindu students as well as raising awareness of Hindu culture on high school and college campuses since 1990

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National Initiatives

Alumni and recent graduates make the national team of HSC. Stay involved after graduation!

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Hear From Our Students!

“When I first walked in, I was immediately impressed by how organized and orderly everything was. That first impression was representative of the entire experience. I was able to relax and listen and learn from all of the amazing people that had collected in this one place to share their knowledge and pass it on to the youth without worrying if any complications will arise.”

Ranee C.

New York

“Global Dharma Conference was among one of the greatest spiritual gatherings of all time. The event was the perfect combination of learning and fun. I feel honored to have taken part in such a grand affair!”

Indira B.

University of MD, School of Law

“The program provided participants with amazing opportunities to learn important aspects of Hindu dharma. I left the conference with a sense of pride and empowerment that I can bring to my community and school. “

Nisha S.

SUNY Binghamton

“The Global Dharma Conference was an inspiring gathering. Every attendant got the chance to explore Dharm in their own personal way, and enjoying themselves with others from around the world in a Dharmic atmosphere, created between HSC and their partners. It was wonderful!”

Varishna T.

Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)

“I felt highly enriched with knowledge and many planes of thought I hadn’t explored previously.”

Pratyaksh P.

Former president, HSC chapter at UMBC