Friday 27 Nov 2015

Hindu Students Council (HSC) is an international youth forum providing opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage, spirituality and culture.

HSC’s activities, among many things, include the following:

a) Regular On-Campus Meetings, Discussions, etc.
b) Camps, Spiritual Retreats, Conferences, Seminars
c) Celebration of Festivals
d) Seva (service) Projects and Activities
e) Creating Awareness of Issues impacting Hindu Dharma and Hindus
f)  Interfaith Forums
g) Publication and Distribution of Literature

HSC also collaborates with various Hindu and non-Hindu campus and community organizations that share common interests and vision.  It is a non-denominational, non-sectarian organization that accepts everyone interested in learning about Hindu heritage, spirituality and culture, irrespective of religious background, ethnicity, nationality, social status, sexual orientation, etc.  HSC aims to promote diversity and plurality on thought and ideals on campuses as well as in the general society.

Through its activities, HSC has successfully reintroduced the Hindu heritage of our sages and ancestors on college campuses and exposed people of all faiths to India’s glorious ancient past. It was due to HSC’s efforts that many colleges and universities now have successful Hindu events and educational opportunities on Hindu Dharma.

Over 105,000 students of diverse Hindu and non-Hindu backgrounds have participated in HSC activities and events since its birth! It has inspired Hindu youth movements across the world, from Europe to Asia to Australia!

HSC’s impact on college students is best illustrated by the following paragraph from a study done by Professor R. Stephen Warner (Youth and Religion Project, University of Illinois at Chicago):

"…The college years are a time when many kids cut loose from church and family, but among the Hindu youth we found almost the opposite. One young man said, "As I came to college I found my roots again …”


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