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HSC March Madness: Virtual Quizbowl Edition

Register below for HSC March Madness: Virtual Quizbowl Edition! This is a VIRTUAL Quizbowl competition where you can have fun playing with Hindu student groups from other universities. We’ll start with a round-robin before moving to a single elimination March Madness bracket.

This isn’t your normal trivia – this is HSC quizbowl. There’s questions that cover the full spectrum of Hindu knowledge – history, ithihaasa, scripture, culture, modern world, and more. You can be confident that there’s a question or two that you can answer, no matter how much or how little you think you know.

Please register by April 7th at the latest to be included in the tournament. Scheduling priority will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will announce a prize based on the number of registrants.

FAQ #1: “do I have to be a student to register, and/or does my team have to be students from the same school?”

No and no! As long as you are a student or recent graduate (within the past 5 years), you can register. You can pick friends from any school to play. That’s the beauty of a virtual competition! Just make sure to come up with a fun team-name if you are not representing your school. If you are planning to be drafted in the Quizbowl majors, NCAA rules prohibit us from giving you any prize money (relax – just joking!) .

FAQ #2: “I don’t have a teammate, can I still register?”

Of course! Fill out the form below and leave your teammates section blank. We can help you complete your team. Everyone gets a shot at March Madness!