Thursday 26 Nov 2015
Reflections of Diversity and Plurality in HSC


An organization’s diversity and plurality are reflected by its actions and the people that make up the organization.  As such, HSC’s multiplicity shows through the remarkable make up of its student members and attendees as well as the events.  HSC is open to anyone regardless of their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. Many HSC chapters have non-Hindu, non-Indian founders/officers. 

  Some examples:

  • •  Over 60% of HSC members/participants are young women
  • •  Most HSC chapters in North America have been participating and organizing Inter-faith peace meetings on campuses
  • •  An officer of the Binghamton Chapter was Alexandra Rothenberger, a Caucasian  American
  • •  HSC at University of Minnesota was started by Samantha Chandler, a Native American
  • •  HSC at Florida International University (Miami) was started by Jennifer Schulke, a Caucasian American
  • •  HSC at Cornell University was started with the help of a Caucasian American student named Gregory Costanza, who was also the president
  • •  HSC at University of Virginia had a Muslim officer, Samiur Rehman
  • •  Habiba Akhtar, a past officer of the HSC chapter at CCNY (City College of New York) is a Muslim
  • •  Ali Khan, a Muslim, was an active officer in the HSC chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • •  University of Pittsburgh chapter’s officers included Rhajiv Ratnatunga, a Sri Lankan Buddhist, and Jason Eisensmith, a Korean American
  • •  The past co-president of HSC chapter at Rutgers University in New Jersey is a Sikh named Gagandeep Singh
  • •  The founder of the HSC chapter at University of Massachusetts is a South African
  • •  Joel Brown, the co-founder of the brand-new HSC chapter at the University of South Florida, is a Caucasian American
  • •  A past officer of HSC chapter at Hunter College in New York is a Yugoslavian (Sonja Nikolic). Three of the past presidents at Hunter are of Caribbean origin (Guyana and Trinidad)
  • •  Sarah Poulette, the secretary of the HSC chapter at Colgate University (New York), is a Caucasian American
  • •  University of Maryland - College Park, University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, Brandeis University, etc. have had officers with Caribbean and Jewish backgrounds
  • •  A key National Public Relations representative of HSC was Pekky Marquez, a Venezuelan Hispanic
  • •  A key National Seva representative and Regional Coordinator of HSC was April Jones, an African American.  She was also an HSC chapter officer at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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