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Hindu Youth present papers at WAVES 2018

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HSC is proud to share the youth papers that made “waves” at World Association for Vedic Studies 2018:

Sanjana Venkatasubramanian (senior at Heritage High School) presented a paper on “What language do Hindu Mandirs speak?” As the youngest presenter in attendance, WAVES scholars were in awe of how precisely Sanjana analyzed the symbols in the layout of Mandirs.

What Language do Hindu Mandirs speak

Anu Singh (sophomore at Rice) and Arushi Agrawal (freshman at UTD) presented a paper on “Beyond Nourishment: A Vedic Perspective on Food”. Scholars in attendance were highly impressed with their perfect recitation of several verses from Rig Veda, Gita, and Upanishads that their paper analyzed.

Beyond Nourishment: A Vedic Perspective on Food

Ananya Ponangi (freshman at UTD) presented on “Quest for understanding the Divine in Hinduism”. Her articulation of Brahman (divine) in Hinduism, and how this differed from how other religions perceive God, was well received by scholars.

Quest for understanding the Divine

Hindu Students Council is proud to see our college youth get involved in WAVES! We are working with WAVES to make conferences even more accessible to our youth. We want to see more college students take advantage of this opportunity to research, present, and become published in Hindu scholarship.