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Universal Children’s Day at Johns Hopkins HSC

JHU HSC Childrens Day

On November 20th, Johns Hopkins University’s Hindu Student Council celebrated Universal Children’s Day. This is the day when the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This marks an important time when children were given a voice to stand up for themselves and reclaim their rightful place in society. To support this cause, JHU Hindu Students Council created a social media chain of positive messages addressed to children to raise their voices. The Bha

JHU HSC Childrens Day

gavad Gita states that children are born divine. By raising awareness and advocating for children’s rights and inspiring them to pursue their desires, we are working together to build a better future for children.

Words from JHU HSC members….

  • “It’s important to stand up for children’s rights because they cannot always stand up for themselves”
  • “Support the education, food, shelter, and health of all children in the world”
  • “Children are our future”
  • “Children re-invent the world”
  • “Fight for the innocent”
  • “Children are our best hope for the future”
  • “All children deserve a real education”
  • “Children deserve to have their voices heard so we can help support them by breaking the silence”
  • “Little hands can do big things”
  • “Provide children in need with free JHU HSC Childrens Day school lunches”
  • “Let them be little cause they’re only that way for a while”
  • “Children deserve positive role models”
  • “Everyone deserves a real childhood”