WAVES 2020 Youth Conference presented by HSC & WAVES

The 2020 WAVES Youth Conference was held virtually on January 31, 2021.

WAVES is an interdisciplinary society that enables scholarship for a multitude of topics related to Vedic Studies. Since 1994, WAVES has hosted biannual conferences around the world. WAVES has published academic papers and has hosted presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions for scholars in the Vedic Studies.

This year’s conference co-hosts are World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES International), Wider Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES India), Hindu Students Council, and S-Vyasa Bangalore.

This is the first time HSC took part in the youth conference. With dozens of papers submitted for consideration, the success of the 2020 Youth Conference ensures that HSC will continue to be involved with the WAVES youth initiative in future years.

The Youth Conference will begin on January 31, 2021 at 12pm Eastern
Below is the Conference Schedule and links to watch all of the talks on HSC’s Youtube and Facebook pages.
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NameAffiliationStart Time (EST)TopicWatch on YoutubeWatch on Facebook
Harsh AgarwalVice President of Events, HSC12:00 PM ESTIntroduction: WAVES 2020 Conference, Phase IIIYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Keerthana KothapalliJohn P. Stevens High School12:05 PM ESTThe Role of a Temple in Hindu Dharma An understanding of origins, architecture, and value of temples through the agesYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Vivek RallabandiJohn P. Stevens High School12:24 PM ESTThe Structure of Dharmic Marriage: How its Deliberate Design Has Upheld our Tradition for MilleniaYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Sansdhita AnandIndependence High School12:50 PM ESTKanyadaan: A chauvinistic ritual or a noble tradition?Youtube LinkFacebook Link
Anagha Hesaraghatta & Nidhi RaoUniversity of South Florida1:07 PM ESTBack to the Basics: Learning how to preserve our environment from ancient Vedic literatureYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Anvesh JainUniversity of Toronto1:20 PM ESTJhandi, Desh, Dharma: Hinduism and Ethnic Identity in the West IndiesYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Pranav KalkunteIndependence High School1:38 PM ESTGuru Shishya Parampara: A key vehicle for the propagation of the eastern religionsYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Vishal ThyagarajanCentennial High School1:51 PM ESTSalvation vs Moksha – Differing beliefs by different religions about ways of attaining the ideal end state. A comparative analysisYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Arushi Sree RamakaMontgomery High School2:11 PM ESTUnraveling The Maya of Social Media and Entertainment PlatformsYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Manani SethReedy School2:32 PM ESTAre mantras merely boring recitations?Youtube LinkFacebook Link
Krishna DesaiRutgers University2:44 PM ESTVedic Roots of Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Bhuvanesh PrabakarBridgewater Raritan High School2:59 PM ESTThe Economy of Hindu DharmaYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Rajiv Malhotra, KeynoteInfinity Foundation3:15 PM ESTKeynote Panel: Rajiv Malhotra & Hindu students on Artificial IntelligenceYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Richa JaniPlano West High School4:00 PM ESTKeeping the Faith: The Significance of Bhakti in Kali YugaYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Malvika S. SawantJohns Creek High School4:16 PM ESTImportance of Vedas and Their Influence on LifeYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Pranav KalkunteIndependence High School4:40 PM ESTAn Estimate of the Vastness of the Hindu Scriptures – An AnalysisYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Dhaval NayiKings College London4:54 PM ESTAnalyzing the Effect of Reincarnation and Karma on Human behaviorYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Prasiddha SudhakarRutgers University5:14 PM ESTRediscovering Hindu civilization in Pakistan and AfghanistanYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Mansa DevakiSeabury Hall5:33 PM ESTKarma Over the YugasYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Dhanesh BudhramUNC Chapel Hill6:00 PM ESTHow monkeys, bears, and squirrels contributed to developing Hinduism in GuyanaYoutube LinkFacebook Link
Aditya GoelSt Marks School of TX6:45 PM ESTThe Relevance of Sanskrit and Panini’s Ashtadhyayi in Natural Language Processing and Computer LinguisticsYoutube LinkFacebook Link

The conference features dozens of presentations by students on their papers that have been submitted to WAVES for publication. Our keynote panel features Shri Rajiv Malhotra in a discussion with HSC students on the topic of artificial intelligence.

Official Conference Flyer:

WAVES-HSC 2020 Youth Academic Conference

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