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HSC Events:

National Events

For over two decades, HSC Camp has provided Hindu youth (college age and older) a life-changing experience to become deeply connected to the rich spiritual and intellectual traditions of their heritage, while making new connections with Hindu students from around the US that will last a lifetime.

HSC camp is for students with any level of interest in Hindu Culture or education in Hindu Culture – in fact, the more varied of a group we have, the better our discussions are! If Hinduism is any part of your spiritual life at all, or you’d like to see how young people that were raised in different cultures or communities from you enact their faith, HSC Camp is the place to do it. It is an opportunity for you to socialize, learn, and synthesize with Hindu youth from all over the US, and break out of your campus or home bubble!

HSC Camp continues to be one of the top Hindu university-level summer retreats across the US. We are dedicated to engaging with the changing face of Hinduism in the US, and letting all voices be heard. We continue to be a space where undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals find a welcoming and enjoyable place to share their experiences and grow together.

Chapter Events

Our chapters across North America have hosted a variety of events, including:

  • Navratri Garba and Puja
  • Diwali Celebrations
  • Holi Festivals
  • Speakers and Panels on a wide variety of topics
  • Weekly discussions on age-relevant issues
  • Much more!